Ahh, the Pros and Cons list.  An evaluation technique credited to Benjamin Franklin way back in 1772.  While it may have limitations for making decisions of the heart, it certainly comes in handy when comparing your options for countertops.     There are many attractive possibilities.   So, how do you choose the best countertop for your home?  Simple, just review our countertop Pros and Cons list and make your decision with confidence.    A word of caution, we are biased in the direction of beautiful!

Countertop Pros and Cons


Quartz Countertops

We begin with Quartz because it is easily the most popular countertop today.   It is often referred to as Engineered Quartz or Engineered Stone, and  frequently confused with Quartzite (more on that later).  The quartz mineral is fused with a combination of polymers, pigments and powdered or ground materials to form this extremely hard surface.


High Durability

Scratch & Stain Resistant

Bacteria Resistant

Easy to maintain

Non-Pourous ( will not absorb moisture)


Not as heat tolerant as Granite or Quartzite


Quartzite Countertops

This is the real deal.  Quartzite is a naturally-occurring metamorphic stone and each slab will have the unique quality which is inherent to all natural stone surfaces.  Quartz crystals formed from sandstone were fused together by nature  millions of years ago.   The super strong statement material is one that we have come to love and appreciate,  especially for kitchen islands.


High Durability (harder than Granite and Quartz)

Scratch & Stain Resistant

Easy to maintain


This natural stone must be sealed


Granite Countertops

Granite is extremely durable and rarely scratches or chips.  Every slab will have a visual quality characteristic to the region of origin. It is a porous surface that can come pre-sealed or should be sealed yearly.


High Durability

Heat Resistant

Scratch & Stain Resistant

Easy to maintain


This natural stone must be sealed and may require resealing

Could be susceptible to staining from oils, citrus and alcohol

Extreme hardness may cause breakage if something is dropped on it


Marble Countertops

The ultimate choice for classic luxury.   It is a softer stone known for the rich patina developed over time.  Marble stands up to heat but is susceptible to staining.  The consistently smooth and cool nature performs perfectly as a pastry surface.


Will withstand some heat

Resistant to chips and dents

Smoothest surface – Ideal for pastry preparation

Develops a lovely patina


The porous surface may be susceptible to scratches or staining from acidic liquids

Sealing will need to be maintained


Solid Surface

Here we have your Corian, and other brands that started the solid surface countertop revolution.  A wonderful variety of color and pattern is constantly evolving and improving.   The molded construction allows it to take on many shapes and accommodate an undermount or integral sink.



Resistant to mildew, bacteria and stains

Seamlessly accommodates integral sinks

Easy to maintain

Repairs are possible

Non-Pourous (will not absorb moisture)


Heat sensitive

Possibility of scratching


Glass Countertops

Glass countertops are a unique combination of function and art for a modern statement in the kitchen or bar area.  Custom designs will elevate your style with an open suspended quality.  The material can be translucent, colorful or texturized to create special effects like you will see from our friends at  Studio L Glassworks


Moderate Durability

Heat Resistant

Stain Resistent

Resists Bacteria – Extremely safe for foods


Susceptible to scratching or chiping


Stainless Steel Countertops

Add a Top Chef quality to any kitchen with the visual punch of stainless steel countertops.  Super hygienic and durable, these countertops can be integrated with stainless steel sinks and backsplashes for a seamless professional look.


High durability

Heat Resistant

Germ Resistant

Easy to Maintenance

Will not stain


Susceptible to scratches-but they can be polished out


Soapstone Countertops

Your science class lab table is reborn!  The sophistication of this natural stone is an up-and-coming look for modern and classic styles at home.  The color ranges from light to dark gray.  Like marble, the developing patina accounts for much of it’s appeal to the organically inclined.


Heat Resistant

Food Safe

Stain resistant

Develops a stunning patina


Occasionally require treatment to seal and maintain appearance

Slabs are smaller and may require seaming

Wood Countertops

The allure of natural products is growing in popularity, especially when it comes to wood countertops. We specialize in natural wood countertops from Grothouse Lumber because they excel in beautiful construction with a wide variety of wood species.


Moderate durability

Natural Luxurious Appearance

Warm Appearance and Tactile Quality

Develops a warm patina

May be re-surfaced to restore appearance


Low heat resistance

Maintenance is needed

Should be sealed with a food safe sealer


Mixing and matching is an option that we whole-heartily support!  What better way to pair your favorite looks with the perfect functional application.   This will help you create a style all your own!

Do we have a clear favorite?  Actually, no.

Because it all depends on how the countertop will be used and where it will be installed.  It is one of the details that we love to address when designing the cabinetry for your home.

It is also the reason we have so many different countertops featured in vignettes around our showroom.  Here you can touch and feel the different options in materials to see how they look with various cabinet styles.  You will experience first hand the beautiful colors and patterns offered by each of the brands we feature.

The countertops you choose will add the final style statement to your overall design!

Stop in to see us!  We have great ideas for your home!

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Survey says . . . .

these will be the most popular ideas for your home cabinetry design in 2018!

We evaluated the results of our most liked and saved pictures on Houzz, Facebook & Pinterest to come up with  predictions for the hottest 2018 trends for cabinetry in your kitchens, bath and laundry room.

Take a look and let us know if you agree!

Geneva Cabinet Company Kitchen Cabinetry Hood Centerpiece with mixed metals

All Eyes on the Range Hood

The range hood is a deserving centerpiece for the kitchen.  As kitchens become highly integrated for open concept living, the range takes center stage.  Make it a showstopper with a stunning hood like this one from Scathain.  Notice too, the mix of metals in this room designed with lovely cabinetry from Plato Woodwork , Inc.


Geneva Cabinet Company kitchen cabinet open concept no cabinets on top

Uppers Optional

All about that base . . . . cabinet . . .  especially when you want the kitchen to be open and airy.  While you enjoy the views from expansive windows instead of upper cabinets, easy-access deep drawers make it extra convenient!  Gone are the days of bending and searching through the dark back of your cabinets, with drawers like these from  Shiloh Cabinetry, your stuff slides out to you.


Geneva Cabinet Company wall for storage keep it open

Storage Walls

So when you eliminate the upper cabinets where do you store kitchen necessities?  How about an entire wall of floor to ceiling cabinets?  These too are from Shiloh Cabinetry.


Geneva Cabinet Company kitchen cabinet pull out cabinet storage kitchen not just for spices anymore

Pull-Outs Go Beyond the Spice Rack

While you’re designing that storage wall, or any other cabinet, be sure to include the new and improved pull-out  organizers.  They are deeper, wider and more versatile than ever. Sturdy engineering can handle cooking oil, bottled condiments and other essentials to suit your needs.


Geneva Cabinet Company laundry room cabinets multi purpose multi tasking

Multi-Tasking Laundry Rooms

Oh, it’s a thing!  The laundry has evolved into a dutiful multipurpose space.  Think indoor she-shed with space for crafting,  gardening and gift wrap as well as laundry chores.   In addition to a high-tech washer and dryer, this laundry designed with cabinetry from Plato Woodworking, Inc. includes extra outlets that can be used as charging stations for portable electronics.


Geneva Cabinet Company sink vanity base wrap around plumbing for extra cabinet storage in kitchen and bath


Drawers Work Around Plumbing

Remember when under sink storage was a wasteland of hard to reach cleaning supplies. No longer a problem!  This cabinet by Shiloh Cabinetry includes a drawers made to wrap around plumbing and create more easy-to-reach space for bathroom supplies.  Side Note: The popularity of this driftwood finish will be happening in 2018.


Geneva Cabinet Company Lake Geneva Wi Kitchen shelving open shelving floating shelves with lighting

Open Shelving

Are you noticing a theme here?  The trends for 2018 have everything to do with keeping your kitchen open and clutter free.  It’s a fresh clean aesthetic with more comforts than extreme minimalism.  Here upper cabinets are replaced by floating shelves featuring puck lighting to create bright, usable counter space that is not crowded by upper cabinets.


Geneva Cabinet Company Trends 2018 statement backsplash with artisan tile

Statement Backsplash

While subway tile is a classic, we are seeing a movement towards artistic tile treatments featuring large colorful patterns. The required hard surfaces that make a kitchen efficient can benefit from a touch of decor, and the backsplash is an ideal place to make a memorable impression.


Geneva Cabinet Company Trends 2018 grey is the new black

Grey is the New Black

Need we say more . . . .

Yes, because while grey is gaining momentum, white and black will remain high on the list of desired cabinet colors.  An interesting mix of multiple cabinet finishes will be highly desirable in 2018 and beyond.


Geneva Cabinet Company custom vanity fit when just enough the right size and space are needed

Customized for the Perfect Fit

Every bathroom deserves some style, but the reality is that many bathrooms do not allow space for creativity.  The solution is to modify a standard cabinet or customize a piece like this one to fully utilize the space with fashion forward design.


If your plans for the New Year include new cabinetry for your home,


we are here to help!


2018 calendar from Geneva Cabinet Company

Geneva Cabinet Company


It’s time to enjoy the holiday party season . . . even when you’re the host! If your guests are like most, they will gather around your busy kitchen. Our advanced planning ideas will let you enjoy their company while you entertain stress-free for the holidays!

Our Top 10 Tips (and the estimated amount of time for planning)*

clear counter space Medallion Cabinetry Kitchen island#1 Clean clutter from countertops (1 hr to clean/1hr to decorate)

This is the most important step. Keep your countertops clutter-free in your beautiful holiday kitchen!  Pack away non-holiday decorative accessories. Keep your work surfaces free and ready for service at a moments notice. Baking, gift-wrapping, food preparation and food service all need this space. Keep countertop holiday décor minimal and use the vertical surfaces to hang wreaths, ornaments and other holiday sentiments from removable hooks.


holiday kitchen preparations clean out the refrigerator Plato cabinet refrigerator wood panel and drawers

#2 Refrigerator/Freezer purge (1hr)

What is lurking in the back of that refrigerator and freeze? Time to eat it or toss it. Make way for this seasons delectable treats. Holiday cookies can be prebaked and stored in your roomy freezer while prearranged serving trays will be wrapped and ready to go as soon as guests arrive.


holiday kitchen preparations clean the oven stove top and appliances Medallion cabinets

#3 Clean and shine cooking appliances! (2hrs)

Nothing feels as fresh as clean appliances! Run the oven cleaning cycle right now, don’t wait until its time to bake the rum cake. Do a deep cleaning for the dishwasher, microwave and even the toaster oven. While you’re at it, find the instruction manuals so you can master the defrost cycle and meat probe before you’re under pressure.


holiday kitchen preparations recipes cookware ready

#4 Find your favorite recipes and cookware (30 minutes or all night if you’re on Pinterest)

Pull out those family recipes and scan the Internet for new ideas. Print out, place bookmarks and make an extra copy for markup during cooking and shopping. Find all of the cookware you will use, sharpen the knives and find the turkey baster in advance. Devote a section of your clean countertop to the cooking essentials arranged by recipe so you can smoothly execute each move.


holiday kitchen preparations refresh spices and condiments Plato Woodworking cabinetry in white painted finish

#5 Inventory spices & condiments (15 minutes)

Now that you are recipes ready, maximize your cooking efforts with fresh ingredients. Spices do expire and so does that ketchup Uncle Marv wants to put on your prime rib roast . . . no judgment.


holiday kitchen preparations display cabinet serving dishes r

#6 Serving pieces front and center (15 minutes)

You know the fabulous platter you uncovered at an estate sale, where did that go? Find it now and place it, along with your other favorite serving pieces, within easy reach at the front of your cabinet. Wash, polish and ready for plating.


iday kitchen preparations serving trays ready glasses cleaned Black cabinetry with metallic door in gloss metal

#6 1/2 Serving trays

Ditto, we just want to show you this cool tray storage cabinet.


holiday kitchen preparations kitchen desk converts to snack coffee bar or desert area

#7 Double duty kitchen zone (15 minutes)

Dedicate a specialty area of your kitchen to a new purpose for party time. The kitchen-planning desk becomes a perfect location for a hot chocolate, coffee or desert bar.


holiday kitchen preparations beverage bar cabinetry WoodMode cabinetry bar cabinet and serving storage with mini under counter refrigerator

#8 Beverage Bar (30 minutes)

Visibility will encourage your guests to help themselves and free you up for other hosting duties. Wash and dry wine and cocktail glasses with a lint free towel. Gather and conveniently arrange all ingredients for your featured cocktails.


holiday kitchen preparations Scotman ice maker refrigerator drawer built in cabinetry bar

#9 Artisan Ice – It’s a thing (5 Minutes and then maybe another 5 + 5 + 5 + 5)

Hardness, density, melt-time . . .  your drink connoisseurs will notice!   At the very least, empty the old ice from your bin. Take it to the next level by preparing your own cubes with boiled-distilled water or invest in one of the new generation ice-makers that will do all of the work for you.


holiday kitchen preparations pull out trash bin Plato Woodwork cabinetry double recycle cabinet door front with insert of woven fiber

#10 Last but not least-trash talk (15 minutes)

It may not be glamorous, but it needs more than a stick up deodorizer. Wash and disinfect trash and recycle containers to prevent unwelcome odors from polluting your holiday buffet. Pick up an extra large bin to place out of sight for the easy disposal of bulky items when you are entertaining a big group.

So there you have it!  Devote a couple of hours for a few days or one good Saturday and you’re ready!

Now enjoy the entire holiday season with no last minute hassles!


*Disclaimer – all time estimates assume you have the ideal Geneva Cabinet Kitchen!


If you are thinking of gifting yourself a new kitchen for the holidays,

we can help from planning, to selection, to installation!


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