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Your distinctive design starts with the professionals on staff who are here to guide you. We listen to your personal point of view to learn about your specific wants and needs. Our years of experience and abundant resources result in the most creative design solutions, custom tailored for your lifestyle.

Explore the possibilities


Start with an open mind and discover the possibilities

This is where those clippings and bookmarked pages pay off. It all begins with a visit to our showroom where you will see the latest trends and learn about quality cabinetry. Sharing your preferences will help our designers understand the look and performance you want for your kitchen, bath, laundry and other storage areas of your home.

Explore & Learn

Knowledge leads to informed decisions

New products are introduced every day, our designers have the experience to navigate the overwhelming possibilities and focus on the appropriate solutions for your project. We attend major industry trade shows and seminars in order to share the latest trend and product information with you.

Basic cabinet material, style, and finish options and the advantages of each type:

  • Stock Cabinets - pre-made and finished boxes and pieces in specific sizes and styles.
  • Semi-custom – made to order boxes, and pieces (moldings, etc.) More options in door styles, finishes, and accessory pieces are available. Often  offered with glazed and distressed finishes.   Cabinets can be modified to a certain dimension to better utilize space.  In some cases, custom cabinets can be made to order.
  • Custom – Fully custom cabinets are made to order in any wood species, and finish. Custom cabinets are designed and built to fit your room or space.

Countertops have major impact on your overall design.  Our qualified kitchen and bath designers will explain the durability and advantages of the many options available.

  • Solid Surface –. A good variety of color and pattern is offered for Solid Surface material.  It is easy to clean and repair, with inconspicuous seams.  You are able to use an undermount or integral sink.  Some caution is needed since it is not stain resistant or heat resistant. 
  • Quartz – Often called Engineered Quartz or Engineered Stone, this material is a good compromise between Granite and Solid Surfacing.  Natural quartz chips are crafted with resin and tinted with color at times to imitate the appearance of marble.  It is an easy care maintenance free option.  The layout will determine the presence of seams.
  • Marble – The ultimate choice for luminescence and luxury, it stands up to heat but is susceptible to staining.  For this reason we often use marble in one area, like an island, where its perennially cool nature performs perfectly as a pastry or baking station. 
  • Granite – A unique quality is inherent to all natural stone surfaces.  Every slab will have an artistic quality characteristic to the region of origin.  It is a porous surface that can come pre-sealed or should be sealed yearly.
  • Laminate – The most affordable of all surfaces, laminate has been a kitchen mainstay for decades.  The freshest designs are available in endless colors and edge treatments, at times even mimicking stone. Be aware that a seam is often visible and this material does not lend itself to repairs. 

Appliances – Many built-in or higher end appliances require exact construction specifications.  This is especially true of exhaust fans with built-in hoods.  Your designer has access to the unique requirements for each appliance with showroom displays featuring Sub-Zero and Wolf to help you evaluate many features during the design process.

On-site Appointment

On-site Appointment & Measurements

Comprehensive assessment of your project

Our Kitchen & Bath design professionals will come to your home to assess and accurately measure your space. This expert evaluation of all existing conditions will help determine the best possible solutions.

Clients are always impressed with our attention to the details they would have easily overlooked.   We ask all of the right questions to truly understand the full scope of your project.

  • Would there be a benefit to moving any walls or changing ceiling height?
  • Do existing doors or windows need to be relocated or replaced?
  • Is the plumbing, gas and electrical in compliance with codes?
  • Would additional plumbing or electrical features add versatility to the planned improvements?
  • Where is the best location for your sink, dishwasher, range and oven?
  • Would new appliances increase the efficiency and economy for your space?

Budget Talks

Realistic budget potential

New cabinetry will add substantial value to your home. We respect your investment and will help determine a realistic budget to achieve your project goals. Our design expertise and product knowledge allows us to recommend solutions that prioritize your wish list, introduce quality selections and compliment the overall design of your home.


Convenient and stress-free selections

Your time is valuable and we make the most of it by having everything you need for a complete project all in one place. Our Selection Room is the ideal location for a meeting with your designer to select the elements that will establish the look of your kitchen, bath, laundry or storage space.

All of the essential samples needed to make the important design decisions are available to lay out and coordinate in a calm relaxed atmosphere. 

  • Displays and vignettes demonstrating quality cabinetry and specialty features
  • Full-size Cabinet Door Styles Samples
  • Cabinet Finish Samples
  • Countertop Samples
  • Storage & Customization Options
  • Hardware
  • Plumbing & Lighting Fixtures
  • Appliance Specifications

Adjacent specialty tile showroom makes it easy to select flooring and backsplash for your final design.


Client Centered Design Process

Collaborating and developing your vision

Our designers use the critical information they have been gathering during meetings to expand on your Kitchen & Bath design. Professionals will come to your home to assess and accurately measure your space. This expert evaluation of all existing conditions will help determine the best possible solutions and create a plan that is in harmony with your lifestyle and the unique character of your home.

You will be able to actually see the discussion points on a large monitor for easy evaluation in the comfort of our planning room.

  • Customized floorplans are developed for your project
  • You and your designer will discuss the merits of each plan while the 3-D rendering is adjusted to reflect your preferred layout and finish selection
  • Adjustments are made so you are able to experience your design during the decision process. 
  • Samples of your final selections will be displayed so you will be able to touch and feel your new look.
  • A final layout that reflects your most valued elements is achieved.
  • Your designer will review pricing and present a contract for your approval

Project Management & Installation

Relax, you are in good hands

Our professional staff takes over from here. 

  • All aspects of placing and monitoring your order are taken care of by our in-house experts.
  • Deliveries are coordinated with construction site deadlines
  • Reliable, highly-qualified sub-contractors are scheduled for your installation

Your designer will make on-site visits and meet with sub-contractors to assure that your project is on time, on budget and running smoothly.

Ongoing Communication

Ongoing Communication & Final Walk-Through

Exceeding your expectations will make us happy

Our goal is to meet and surpass your expectations in every way. Your designer will actively follow your project from concept to completion.

  • Our professional staff will maintain open and ongoing communication so you will always know what to expect next.
  • A final walk-through is scheduled with your designer for a complete inspection of your project. 
  • Any punch list items will be taken care of in a timely manner.
  • Your complete satisfaction is our most important goal.



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